56K Dial-Up Internet Service

56K Dial-up internet service with v.90 and v.92

  • 56K dial up internet service with support for v.90 and v.92*
  • Net on Hold support***
  • Unlimited connection time
  • No upload or download limits
  • E-mail service
  • No installation or setup fee**
  • 9.95$/month (plus tax) without contract**
  • 8.95$/month (plus tax) with contract**
  • Save an extra 10% if pre-pay for a year**


  • Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista operating system with dial-up networking services properly installed
  • Computer equipped with a 56K modem***

For more information, please call us at 514-845-4545

 * Speed may vary depending on multiple factors, such as but not limited to line quality, cable length, modem and drives used. Captelco Monnex Communications makes no warranties as to the speed you will recieve.
** All prices are for residential service. For business, please contact us.
*** Net on Hold requires a v.92 compatible modem, phone line with call waiting, and properly configured software package from your modem manufacturer. Captelco Monnex Communication can not provide you with said software, as it is manufacturer specific.