ADSL2+ Internet service availability check

Type your address in the box below to verify for ADSL2+ availability.
             Belmont: Online
             Ontario: Online
             Atwater: Online
             Monkland: Online
             Cote-des-Neiges Online
             St-Dominique Online
             St-Michel Online
             Papineau Online

ADSL2+ service is only available inside these zones and only with a Bell phone line or dry loop.

For the remainder of Quebec and Ontario, we can provide 5Mbit ADSL service if supported in your area.

Click on the (+) or (-) in the top left corner of the map to zoom in or out.

ADSL2+ speed is up to 24Mbit speed may very depending on multiple factors such as, but not limited to, distance from the CO and line quality.

This map does not assure service is available, it only demonstrates the area where ADSL2+ is supported.