CallbaQ Service

CallbaQ Service for cellular phone

  • Allows you to save on your cell phone bills
  • You do not need to change carrier
  • Save you weekday and weekend minutes
  • Same call zone as your phone (514, 438, 450 local to Montréal)
  • Transparent : You cell phone number is shown to the called party
  • Easy to use
  • Save even more by combining callback service and our long distance plans! Click here to know more about our long distance services!
  • No installation or configuration fees!
  • 7.95$ / month plus tax (without contract)*
  • 60$ plus tax if the service is pre-paid for a year and save an extra 37%!*

How does it work? :

  1. Call our access number. Your call will be rejected immediatly to prevent any minutes from being used on your cell phone.
  2. You will recieve a call a few moments later.
  3. Answer your phone and dial the phone number you wish to reach, starting with the area code.

As you can see, it is as simple as 1-2-3!


  • Montreal region cell phone
  • Unlimited incoming calls plan with your cell carrier
  • Your phone number must be displayed for Caller ID

For more information, please call us at 514-845-4545


* All prices on this page are for residential service only. For information on our business services, please contact-us.