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Tel : 514-845-4545
Toll Free : 1-866-522-1122
Fax : 514-335-7145
E-Mail : captelco@captelco.com

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A New Dimension To Your Telecommunications


Captelco Monnex Communications offers a wide variety of Internet, long distance and telephony services for your home or your business at a competitive price without compromising on features or on quality while bringning state of the art technology to your fingertips. Make the right choice, choose Captelco Monnex Communications your high speed internet service provider today!

Our services include :

  • Cellular Phone Service - CallbaQ

    Stop paying cell phone companies unreasonable prices for your minutes. Our CallbaQ service, along with a free incoming plan from your cellular provider, will allow you to save money on your monthly invoices.
  • VoIP Telephony

    Finally rid yourself from the extravagant fees of classic phone companies. Get one of our VoIP phone lines with all the features you desire for as low as 17.95$/Month without compromising on quality. Place and recieve calls to and from Montreal from anywhere!.

  • Long Distance Plans

    Don't be a slave to your local long distance provider. Reach anywhere in the Montreal suburb area (514, 438 and 450) for as low as 7.95$/month and stop counting the minutes! Need to reach other provinces in Canada or states in the U.S.? No problem! We offer a flat rate of 0.05$/Min everywhere in Canada and the U.S.
  • Public Branch Exchange (PBX) Servers

    Yyour business wants to better manage its time spent over the phone with your clients, or simply want to impress your potential clients? Our PBXs allow you to do just that. Significantly reduce the cost of communication and it's management in your company, all the while retaining a high level of quality, craftsmanship, and reliability, all at an affordable price.